Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Is An Antioxidant Scanner?

This past Tuesday afternoon, I held a Drop-in Antioxidant Score clinic at my house. My daughter, who due to a diet including many vegetables and fruits along with her supplements, scored extremely high. Some were disappointed at their low scores. Some came to get a base line score before starting their  supplements so they can see the difference demonstrated as their antioxidant levels climb. The ultimate goal is to have more energy and not get sick as often. I am always so excited for people when they begin to take charge of improving their health. For more information about the Nobel Prize-winning technology behind the Antioxidant Scanner.

Here is your what your scanner scores look like:

To help you navigate through the information presented, here are some highlights of the 24 minute webinar:
14:30 – All the information and history of the scanner
22:00 – Measurement makes Market

Genesis of the Scanner – Dr. Stephen Moore
• Chiropractor wanting supplements to sell that he really could believe in and prove they work  left practice he believed so much in the supplements products
• Lots of people buying vitamins that are bad in quality and potentially harmful (articles quoted)
• The company wanted natural ingredients in supplements
• Quality Control 6S Process
o 1. Select best possible natural products
o 2. Source the most effective raw materials
o 3. Know the chemical structure of all ingredients
o 4. Standardize to active markets for consistent efficacy and quality
o 5. Extensive safety studies, contaminant analysis
o 6. Substantiate efficacy with clinical studies
• Many scientific disciplines working together
• Over 100 full-time employed scientists
• The Scanner  a measurable difference
• Scanner started with a test for the eye which was then applied to the skin
• Then the company was able to prove/track their “score” of their antioxidant levels
• Then published in multiple peer-reviewed studies
• In order to make your “score” higher: Include more fruits in vegetables, lower BMI, no smoking
• The scanner meant: measurement makes a market for your product
• It is the only non invasive scanner to check your antioxidant levels
• Endorsed by Professor Lester Packer – the “Father of anti-oxidant research”

Health Tip: Are Dietary Supplements USP Rated?

Not all vitamins are created equally. If you do not have a base line antioxidant score and are taking vitamins be sure to check out the US Pharmacopeia website to see if your supplements are quality products and learn about the USP Verification Process.

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