Friday, February 10, 2012

My Weight Mangement Program!

As I have mentioned before, at the NS LA kick off event earlier this year, NS has introduced its Challenges for 2012. There are 4 total challenges where you can improve your health/skin needs. I am holding my own Weight Loss and Antioxidant Challenge with my own modifications to the plan you will hear about below. But here is an idea of what our weight loss challengers are doing on a daily basis. By the way, I am so inspired by Wendy’s commitment to her health, one of the Weight Loss Challengers, that I am joining her this morning for her run/jog/walk of the Serrano Hills! Hope I make it alright.

Here is the 
link to the webinar. Again if you only have time to listen to a few minutes here are my recommendations:
- 5:00 – The one healthy meal –detailed of what and why things are included
- 30:00 – how the supplements help to improve your ability to burn fat
- 33:00 – The overall instructions for the Weight Management System

Weight Management by Glen Cheney
• 3 components: Eat one Healthy meal, 2 meals replaced with AC Shakes and supplements
• 8 glasses of water a day is important because most of the time people grab snacks when really they are just thirsty
• Strive to increase physical exercise

The Healthy Meal (without counting calories)
• 1 fist full of both veggies and fruit (so that could be one small apple for a smaller person, a large apple for a larger person)
• A palm sized portion of protein – for satiety and muscle tone
• 1 fist full of Complex Carbs (that would be whole grains not white bread, brown rice instead of white rice) that helps affect rates of energy
• Little good fat (EVOO)
• 1 cup of Diary, correlation between dairy consumption and body composition (also protects against calcium loss)

Replace two meals with AC Shakes
• Equivalent to 20 nutritional capsules
• Uses clinically affective does of ingredients
• Its active ingredients help to lower cravings
• Helps to balance blood sugar – shakes contain special fibers to slow the absorption of glucose and diminish blood sugar highs and lows.
• Contain high quality protein and protect against muscle loss (fat loss is the better form of weight loss)

Supplements to take throughout the day
• Green tea has long been used for many remedies 
The Green tea supplement is the more you take the increased amount of calories burned (with no increased activity)
• Green tea helps to lower stress (which helps control weight by not stress eating)
• The 2nd Supplement Cortisol also helps control stress
•  Vitality improves physical endurance
people on a diet can feel so sluggish without the same amount of calories coming in
•  Vitality promotes far metabolism during prolonged exercise (improved their ability to burn fat)
• They lastly gave total instructions for the Weight Management System with suggested ways to split up the supplements throughout the day.

Bonus! For every pound you lose, you will be giving one meal to a hungry child though the Vita Meal program. If you are interested please remember, contact me for a 30 percent discount on the products and for complimentary guidance.

Health Tip: Preventing Disease With Coffee
Enjoy your coffee! Frank Hu, MD, MPH, PhD, Nutrition and Epidemiology Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, explains that habitual coffee intake is beneficial in reducing the risk for Type 2 Diabetes as the magnesium and chromium levels aid the body in using insulin to control the blood sugar level. Also, the antioxidants packed in coffee can prevent heart disease by reducing the risk by 13% in women and 28% in men. Of course, it probably isn’t a good idea to pack your coffee with lots of sugar, chocolate and whole milk because those added in large amounts can have their own risks. I raise my coffee cup to toast the benefits of coffee every morning!!!!

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