Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge Update: Week 2 - The Story Continues

I am so proud of the progress my Wendy and Renee are making! WOW! Wendy and Renee are losing weight at a very healthy rate to ensure they only lose fat not muscle. Renee is currently losing an average of 1 pound per week and Wendy is losing 1.5 pounds per week. In review of Wendy’s intake for last week, she needs to add some protein to her diet to maintain her muscle mass, important for her metabolism and overall health. Remember, it takes a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound and you want those calories to come from fat not muscle. The best part is both of them FEEL so much better – both of the ladies find exorcising so much easier. Renee even ran in a 10K this past Saturday!
Wendy had some advice for those trying to drink 8 glasses of water each day: Add some flavor! She suggests having sparkling water, or adding lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, or MILO to help switch up your water routine. Thanks for the great suggestions Wendy!

Joining the Weight Loss Challenge last week was Joey. Joey is also in our antioxidant challenge and is excited to get a health routine into his daily schedule. How exciting to be following and supporting these 3 people!

Health Tip: Calorie Counting To Go

Last week I found the www.calorieking.com website while helping Wendy make a good choice at Papa Murphy’s. This website lists the calories for the items on the menus of most Fast Food Chains and Restaurants. I was impressed with the complete listing and just how many items listed at various places were actually healthy choices. Wendy’s choice at Papa Murphy’s was the Thincrust deLITE Chicken, Bacon, & Artichoke at 180 calories per slice and the bonus of artichokes for antioxidants and fiber. It also tells you what you have to do to burn those 180 calories: walk for 50 minutes, jog for 21 minutes, swim for 15 minutes, cycle for 27 minutes. Of course, the exercise continues to burn calories after you finish but how much is dependent on the type of exercise. Anyway, check it out! What is your favorite?

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