Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! - Love thy Education

Last Friday I participated in a Health Professional Conference where keynote speaker, Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Joe Chang, spoke about the phenomenon of  epigenetics. What is epigenetics? The development and maintenance of an organism is orchestrated by a set of chemical reactions that switch parts of the genome off and on at strategic times and locations. Epigenetics is the study of these reactions and the factors that influence them. Basically, the influence of the environment, stress, diet, behavior, toxins, and other factors changes how our genes, DNA, express themselves…making us look and feel older, or mutating our cells to create disease. This explains why the physical characteristics of identical twins change as they age.

This led into the topic of the importance of protecting our cells with antioxidants and how we can accurately measure them in our live tissue with the Nobel Prize winning science of the Antioxidant scanner.

I love science and data but can also get very energized and excited to think that a patented, proven way exists to keep our bodies healthy and youthful. For more information on epigenetics visit: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/epigenetics/

On Thursday of this week we will give you the update on our Weight Loss Challengers…but here’s the teaser…Joey says some of his shirts are too BIG!!!! I can’t wait to tell you how he did in his first week.

Health Tip: What would like to see for health tips? More on skin health? Or nutrition? I would love to hear what you like most to read about in these health tips. Share away!

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