Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Will the Occupy movement really bring the revolution necessary to America? I am beginning to wonder if this movement will make Congress more efficient, create more jobs, reduce greed, incite citizens to be responsible and accountable for their lives and cause some sort of significant change in the structure of America. Being angry at the state of the economy is to be expected, but that only means we should help to create a better future for our country through hard work. I recently attended a meeting with Congresswoman Matsui. Congresswoman Matsui pointed out that America’s future lies in the prosperity of its small business. It is truly unfortunate to witness “Occupy” movements hurt the small businesses where the protestors are camping out as in “Occupy Oakland”. How did the protestors in Oakland miss the fact that they were hurting business owners and therefore hurting their cause?

Without knowing I participated in the “Occupy Xmas”, “24 hour Moratorium on Consumer Spending” both the North America date of November 25th and the International date of November 26th. I thought it was a good idea to have the “Buy Nothing Day” just to give people a moment to think about their spending. Consumer spending should be reduced as it is creating a lot of unnecessary credit card debt which will not be fully paid as some people will default on the repayment of their credit cards and result in higher credit card rates for the rest of us that don’t default.

Not only does the greed in America need to end but also the sense of entitlement to a certain way of life filled with materials goods beyond a person’s means. “Keeping Up With The Joneses” has gotten all of us into this trouble. Hopefully, America will get back on its feet in time. I am part of the 99% and I choose to work toward a better tomorrow by supporting my local businesses and raising my children to continuously educate themselves, work hard and hold themselves accountable for their lives.

Had to show off the turkey from Thanksgiving, hope you all had a nice holiday.

Health Tip… One of the Worst Make-Up Related Habits
Clean your face carefully at the end of the day. Always make sure you wash your face before you go to bed to remove makeup, dirt and other environmental debris. Why? (1) Your pores are filled with all the outside elements from the day like dirt, dust, smoke, smog, etc. Can you imagine how your skin suffocates under this “coat”? (2) Leaving your makeup on too long can lead to large pores, acne, rashes, and irritated skin. Your skin repairs itself at night and clean skin can absorb skincare products better.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be Thankful for Your Big Meal: Feed A Child

The shopping list for Thanksgiving and of course, our pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday night dinner seems never ending. It usually requires several trips by several family members, to local grocery stores and grocery outlets in order to “hunt and gather” all the necessary ingredients to deliver and delicious and ample Thanksgiving meal we serve our friends and family. Collaboratively several of us feed our extended family and assorted friends.

While “hunting and gathering” I often purchase bags of groceries for donation to the local food closet so others may have food for their families, especially the children. Despite government programs like WIC, for example, in the United States 13 million children are living in families threatened with hunger with 3 million of these children live in homes that experience hunger. This is a devastating fact but I believe as we holiday grocery shoppers purchase food for donation we are helping and may even continue throughout the year. What about all the children in other countries that have no “WIC” or holiday grocery store shoppers to lend a hand in curbing their hunger? And, it is my opinion that children all over the world need proper nourishment so when they can grow to be productive adults involved in our global economy and not a burden. To Learn more about US hunger please visit

Hostess/Host Gift Tip: Give the gift of Nourishing the Children
Every year we go to various holiday parties and bring the host/hostess a gift of wine or other trinkets. Why not this year, nourish a child in someone’s honor. Malnourished children are missing key nutrients in their diets which can hinder proper development. NS developed VitaMeal, specifically formulated for malnourished children ensuring that every child who receives the pack will have one nutrient filled meal that day. Please learn more about this incredible program by visiting:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving & Relief of Family Stress

Happy Thanksgiving Week and I know all I can think about is food, wine, friends and family. My children are excited to see relatives as they arrive at our home to share in the traditional meal my sister and I prepare according to the traditions created by our great grandparents and grandparents. We all are thankful we have each other and our health. Who better than siblings, parents, and other close relatives can reminisce with us about our childhoods, or remember pieces of ourselves we’ve forgotten?

This year will be bittersweet. My brother, sister, her family and my family celebrate being together in good health we will be sad at celebrating without our grandmother, our family anchor. Sadness will hang over our table since many other family members will not be in attendance for the first time in years due to post mortem drama.

My great grandparents and grandparents always created magical holidays with music, decorations, games, movies, food and love for us kids despite what was happening in their lives and despite any disagreements any family members might be having, which was usually the case.
Emotional stress can be as harmful as poor eating habits. Below are some tips to help reduce the stress of family during your holiday season. After all, this is a time to rejoice not stress!

Health Tip: Effective Communication: Reduce Stress at The Holidays
1. Listen Carefully –While it might be difficult, try really listening to what is being said without interruption, without being defensive, and without thinking about what you are going to say next. Just hear them and reflect back what they are saying so they know you’ve heard. Then you’ll understand them better and they’ll be more willing to listen to you.
2. Respond to Criticism with Empathy – Its important to listen for the other’s pain and respond with empathy for their feelings. Also, look for what’s true in what they’re saying: that can be valuable information for you.
3. Own What’s Yours – Realize that personal responsibility is a strength, not a weakness. Effective communication involves admitting when you are wrong. If you both share some responsibility in a conflict, look for and admit to what’s yours. It diffuses the situation, sets a good example, and shows maturity. It often inspires the other person to respond in kind, leading you both closer to mutual understanding and a solution
For more on improving relationships using effective communications skills to reduce holiday family stress visit: here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The “Apple” of the Anti-Aging Companies

This summer, people other than those interested in anti-aging and nutritional products, began to notice how well NS has been doing financially. The Motley Fool ( is a multimedia financial-services company that provides financial solutions for investors through various stock, investing, and personal finance products. From my first tour of the NS laboratories, I thought the scientists who work there were visionaries, but this fantastic comment really validates their success.

“Look at the products, the number of baby boomers, the emphasis on looking young while enjoying great health, and the amount of money spent to appear and feel our youthful best. This company has found a successful niche and is coming out with new products each year. This is the “Apple” of the anti-aging companies.”

Just like how Steve Jobs changed the way to think of technology and how to use it in our lives, I truly believe Joe Chang, Ph. D., author of “The Aging Myth” and Chief Scientific Officer of Nu Skin Enterprises who discovered in collaboration with LifeGen Technologies, it was a cluster of genes NOT a single gene responsible for aging has and will continue to change the way we as a population will think of aging.

Another quote from the article “More importantly, I like the company’s three straight years of record-breaking revenue in the anti-aging industry, which NS believes will hit $1 Trillion as a huge percentage of the global population ages. I’m definitely adding Nu Skin to My Watch list” – Cool huh? I guess they noticed their stock on the New York Stock Exchange went from $7 per share in 2010 to the $47 per share of today. How many other companies are doing that well in this economy?

Health Tip: Keep it Real
A simple way to improve your health is to pass on the prepackaged food goods. I understand that time is short for most of us in our day but meals made from unprocessed ingredients really can be simple to prepare. Our grocery stores even offer pre-cut vegetables and pre-made salads; just watch the pre-made dressing intake…a little can go a long way. Grill lean meat or fish, add some rice or pasta and there you go, a “real meal”! You will feel lighter in mind and body as well as increase your energy levels when you omit the preservatives from your diet. Snacks are simple too with a handful of toasted nuts, which you can now find in handy 200-calorie packs so you don’t even have to get out the snack baggies. Keep it real; your body will love you for it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Why Now Is Prime Time for Direct Selling" - WSJ

This blog is in honor of my grandmother, Lucile Louise Hanna’s life.  After 90 years and 8 months she has left behind a legacy.  Her legacy includes how to live life with respect for yourself and others.  She respected herself by taking good care of her health.  Back in the days when TV was in “black and white” when I was a toddler, we would exercise to the Jack La Lanne show.  It was a half hour show of a variety of calisthenics to include jumping jacks, leg raises and lots of “old school” stretches.  Back in the 1960’s my grandmother challenged herself to reach her goal of a healthy life.  Not much has changed, philosophically in our society.  We just now have fancier exercise machines, programs and diets yet our society suffers from more obesity and related diseases than ever before. 

Now to the article:
If you didnt already know, NS and A Nu You By Julie is a Direct Selling company. There are no store fronts, the only way to get NS (Mary-Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, among others) is through direct sellers like myself. This summer, the Wall Street Journal recognized the fast growing and expanding power of the direct selling industry. This 40 page spread covers the overall industry and their top 100 companies.

Here is a Clip to watch to get a great summary of the article as well.

Here are just some highlights, quotes, from the highly fascinating and eye-opening article.

•NS is one of the “The Big 7”, public companies which accounted for $23.9 Billion in revenue in 2010
•Direct Selling works now more than ever because direct selling is a global business which now is smaller based on social networks and technology.
•From March 2009 to May 2011, the top seven publicly traded direct selling companies averaged a 268% INCREASE in stock price
•Direct Selling offers a solution to a shrinking job market with an easy, low-risk way to be in business which capitalizes on that consumers prefer to buy products from people they know and like
•“After years of skepticism, the investment community is finally waking up to the viability of direct selling as a good investment opportunity.” – Doug Lane
•[speaking of apps] “These tools enable this mass of communicators to tell our story more effectively.” - NS

Health Tip:  Back to the Basics

The recommended amount of exercise is 30 minutes per day, at least 6 days a week.  This means getting your heart rate up to a recommended amount over your resting heart rate.  You may need to seek the advise of an exercise professional to find out your exercise heart rate as we are all different.  The bottom line is:  Exercising while reading a magazine, newspaper, or watching a program on TV is not working hard enough to raise your heart rate so that you improve your health.  Cardio workouts alone are not either…you need to lift some weights.  I really recommend asking the advice of a “Certified” exercise professional for a program to begin because if you do not have the correct form while lifting even light weights you can seriously injure yourself and that is not the idea at all.  As a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association I ask you to visit to find a professional near you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Would you like to “Super Size” those Antioxidants?

I’m certain I last left you wondering about antioxidants. Antioxidants come from fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals that protect the cells in your body from “free radical” damage that can occur from exposure to certain chemicals, smoking, pollution, radiation and as a byproduct of normal metabolism.

Let’s break it down:
• Our bodies are exposed to environmental toxins in addition to the normal breaking down of cells due to cellular metabolism (provide energy to new cells)
• Free Radicals = an electron looking to pair with a proton which destroys a healthy cell to get that proton

Antioxidants step in with the needed proton to neutralize the electron before it can damage a single cell. This translates into healthier organs. The largest organ in our bodies is our skin. We look and feel better if we are nutritionally sound which means lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains in our diets and not a lot of processed foods. Processed foods come packed with lots of preservatives and additives that are chock full of those free radicals. Sorry!

If you are a person that has suffered from the ravages of the free radicals you most likely have cellulite. Cellulite and crepe-like skin is not reserved for the over 30 crowd. For females, it can happen in the teens. Or, maybe you have recently lost a lot of weight and you have loose skin in areas on your body. At the International Convention 2011, NS released the Galvanic Body Spa to be used in conjunction with anti-aging technology infused Body Gel and Dermatics Effects Body Cream to combat loose skin and cellulite at a fraction of the cost in money and time of spas and plastic surgery. Another advantage of home use with professional results is you can do it at your own convenience. Within a month of 5 minute treatments, 3 times a week, you can regain the youth of the skin of your body without invasive, expensive, lengthy treatments. Say goodbye to cellulite and loose, crepe-like skin in the privacy of your own home. However, be sure to add lots of antioxidants to your diet to prevent a re-occurrence of that “icky” skin on your body. Remember, 80% of how we look and feel comes from the fuel we put in our bodies.

Americans have “supersized” their diets to the point that we have “supersized” our bodies which has led to a “supersized” list of diseases at alarmingly younger and younger ages and a “supersized” desire to reverse the damage to our physical image.

Health Tip: Eat 5 times a Day, at the Minimum
Studies have shown time and time again that if we eat smaller meals more frequently during the day we never get the “HUGE HUNGER” and are therefore less likely to overeat when we do arrive to a meal. For example, my daily intake starts with a banana, then a bowl of hot oatmeal or quinoa flakes with a teaspoon of brown sugar and some milk, at lunchtime a large green salad, not iceburg lettuce, with tomatoes, green peppers, nuts, onions, mushrooms, carrots, beets (vegetables you like) and grilled chicken breast or grilled salmon NO DRESSING , if dressing is a must just lemon juice or vinegar and olive oil (Salad dressings harbor tons of useless calories & nasty preservatives which are free radicals) then in the afternoon either an apple/orange, or few stalks of celery, at cocktail time no more than a hand full of nuts then a dinner with vegetables, soup with lots of vegetables or salad and a grilled meat no larger than your fist. Pastas and breads are fine when consumed in moderation. For more information visit:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fitness of Our Bodies is more than Skin Deep

I recently heard an advertisement on the radio for a trade school offering programs to earn certifications in personal training and nutrition. According to the advertisement, the need for personal trainers is supposed to raise dramatically over the next 5 years. As a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, I happen to know it is illegal for personal trainers to counsel their clients on nutrition, unless of course they are also a qualified dietician or nutritionist. I checked out the offerings of this “college” to find out that they simply offer certification as a “Health and Wellness Coach”. That is quite different from a registered dietician or nutritionist. The “Health and Wellness Coach” courses do not include comprehensive physiology or chemistry. Really, it what we put inside our bodies that counts more than training the few muscles that we see. About 80% of our true health is influenced by what we put in our bodies. I have a scanner that can tell you the number of antioxidants in your entire body according to what you have put in your body for the last two months. It seems to me that it is nice to have sculpted biceps and “six pack” abs but I’d rather have healthy internal organs since they dictate how much energy I have, how good my skin, hair and nails look . If I’m healthy on the inside I will rarely get a cold or the flu. An added bonus will be I won’t have to fight the “battle of the bulge”. Also, if the internal organs are working then it will be easier to build those beautiful muscles for all to see. I am quite perplexed that people think they can exercise their way to good health without considering the type of fuel used to fill the machine they call their body. Don’t we think about the fuel for our cars?

Health Tip: Build Up Your Antioxidants
By eating 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day you can raise your antioxidants and have more energy. I know that sounds like a lot and really you should eat more vegetables than fruits because fruits contain a lot of sugar, which is no good. This is easier than it seems. The United States Department of Agriculture sets a serving size for fruit or vegetables to be equal to about one-half cup. Greens like spinach and lettuce have a serving size equal to one full cup. One serving of sliced fruit is equal to one-half cup; however, a single piece of fruit, such as an apple or an orange counts as one serving. Now, maybe a giant Fuji apple is a serving and a half. Perhaps you have to use your best judgment even though in our world of “super size” or really increase your antioxidants.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NS International convention – How many of us have….Friends?

Friends…How many of us have…Friends?

Considering the busy lives we all lead and all the roles we play in one day…mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, neighbor, aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor, employee, employer, volunteer. The bottom line is we all have full schedules. Who are the real friends that support us as we motor through our busy days with their generosity of heart and their positive energy? I am lucky. My best friend is my sister. She supports me through and through. I meet a lot of people during my work week but not all of them become “friends”. To me a friend is a special person that touches my heart because they share a common belief that is dear to me and are not overly, uselessly dramatic. Through them I gain energy, wisdom and inspiration.

Recently, I was fortunate to meet new friends at the NS International Convention in Salt Lake City from South Africa and Japan. I have lived in the Middle East and traveled extensively but these people touched my heart because they were so sincere about themselves and about their life goals. How many people do you meet that you would consider authentic? Once again I was impressed by the caliber of people drawn to the NS business. Anyway, they were all lovely to chat with and I truly hope to see them again. The three I met from Johanessburg, South Africa were beyond delightful in their honesty and amount of heart. I gave them my goal of coming to visit them in October 2012. Elenia told me it is a good time for game! Well, I’m in for a trip to South Africa!

Health Tip: Overcome Daily Stress

Dissolve 2 cups of Epsom Salt into a tub of water as hot as you can tolerate and soak your body for 20 minutes. This will soak away tiredness and soreness, help soothe away stress and help to detoxify your body. The magnesium sulfate of Epsom Salt draws out the cellular toxins generated with exercise as well as the normal cellular waste created as our bodies do their daily work metabolizing food, combating environmental toxins, handling emotional stress and just simply creating new cells.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NS International Convention - Are Americans jaded?

I have just returned from the NS International Convention 2011 in Salt Lake City where 13,000(!)  distributors from all over the world attended.  It was quite overwhelming to be sitting in the Utah Jazz Stadium surrounded by all these people.  To find a seat I had to climb up to the top of the “nose bleed” seats.  The program was mostly in English all 3 days with huge screens displaying translated sign in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.  Most attendees wore translator headsets because out of the 13,000 there were only 3,000 distributors from the Americas.  The Americas is a region from the top of Canada to the tip of South America.  It was so stunning to be so out numbered by foreigners in Salt Lake City. 

Japan historically has been the number one market for NS products, with Korea and Europe falling right behind them.  Since Greater China opened in 2010, it has taken the lead in sales and number of distributors.  I find that so amazing.  With all the fitness hype, image awareness, dollars spent on plastic surgery, and fashion in the United States you would think we would be interested in products using natural ingredients to wage the war against aging for healthy, youthful living.  I am perplexed because even though NS guarantees that their anti-aging products will help people look younger and feel younger, Americans don’t believe it.  Are we too jaded a society?  Have we been bombarded with too many anti aging products that don’t work?  I don’t know the answer to these questions.  All I know is that after my demonstration I was sold because with all the money I had spent over the years on skin care alone, I had never had instant results that remained for days.  That isn’t even talking about the renewed vitality and energy I have every day from the internal reverse aging supplements.

Maybe we have to start with something simple we can do everyday to help detoxify our bodies to feel and look better.  Hopefully this won’t be disregarded due to its simplicity:

Health Tip:  Lemon Juice in Water with Honey

Take a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (not store bought juice) and a teaspoon of high quality honey and mix those with a cup of warm water.  Drink every morning, on an empty stomach and you will feel great all day long.  Among other health benefits, this mixture is one of the most effective natural remedies that assists in weight loss and detoxification.