Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fitness of Our Bodies is more than Skin Deep

I recently heard an advertisement on the radio for a trade school offering programs to earn certifications in personal training and nutrition. According to the advertisement, the need for personal trainers is supposed to raise dramatically over the next 5 years. As a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, I happen to know it is illegal for personal trainers to counsel their clients on nutrition, unless of course they are also a qualified dietician or nutritionist. I checked out the offerings of this “college” to find out that they simply offer certification as a “Health and Wellness Coach”. That is quite different from a registered dietician or nutritionist. The “Health and Wellness Coach” courses do not include comprehensive physiology or chemistry. Really, it what we put inside our bodies that counts more than training the few muscles that we see. About 80% of our true health is influenced by what we put in our bodies. I have a scanner that can tell you the number of antioxidants in your entire body according to what you have put in your body for the last two months. It seems to me that it is nice to have sculpted biceps and “six pack” abs but I’d rather have healthy internal organs since they dictate how much energy I have, how good my skin, hair and nails look . If I’m healthy on the inside I will rarely get a cold or the flu. An added bonus will be I won’t have to fight the “battle of the bulge”. Also, if the internal organs are working then it will be easier to build those beautiful muscles for all to see. I am quite perplexed that people think they can exercise their way to good health without considering the type of fuel used to fill the machine they call their body. Don’t we think about the fuel for our cars?

Health Tip: Build Up Your Antioxidants
By eating 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day you can raise your antioxidants and have more energy. I know that sounds like a lot and really you should eat more vegetables than fruits because fruits contain a lot of sugar, which is no good. This is easier than it seems. The United States Department of Agriculture sets a serving size for fruit or vegetables to be equal to about one-half cup. Greens like spinach and lettuce have a serving size equal to one full cup. One serving of sliced fruit is equal to one-half cup; however, a single piece of fruit, such as an apple or an orange counts as one serving. Now, maybe a giant Fuji apple is a serving and a half. Perhaps you have to use your best judgment even though in our world of “super size” or really increase your antioxidants.

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