Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be Thankful for Your Big Meal: Feed A Child

The shopping list for Thanksgiving and of course, our pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday night dinner seems never ending. It usually requires several trips by several family members, to local grocery stores and grocery outlets in order to “hunt and gather” all the necessary ingredients to deliver and delicious and ample Thanksgiving meal we serve our friends and family. Collaboratively several of us feed our extended family and assorted friends.

While “hunting and gathering” I often purchase bags of groceries for donation to the local food closet so others may have food for their families, especially the children. Despite government programs like WIC, for example, in the United States 13 million children are living in families threatened with hunger with 3 million of these children live in homes that experience hunger. This is a devastating fact but I believe as we holiday grocery shoppers purchase food for donation we are helping and may even continue throughout the year. What about all the children in other countries that have no “WIC” or holiday grocery store shoppers to lend a hand in curbing their hunger? And, it is my opinion that children all over the world need proper nourishment so when they can grow to be productive adults involved in our global economy and not a burden. To Learn more about US hunger please visit

Hostess/Host Gift Tip: Give the gift of Nourishing the Children
Every year we go to various holiday parties and bring the host/hostess a gift of wine or other trinkets. Why not this year, nourish a child in someone’s honor. Malnourished children are missing key nutrients in their diets which can hinder proper development. NS developed VitaMeal, specifically formulated for malnourished children ensuring that every child who receives the pack will have one nutrient filled meal that day. Please learn more about this incredible program by visiting:

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