Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Will the Occupy movement really bring the revolution necessary to America? I am beginning to wonder if this movement will make Congress more efficient, create more jobs, reduce greed, incite citizens to be responsible and accountable for their lives and cause some sort of significant change in the structure of America. Being angry at the state of the economy is to be expected, but that only means we should help to create a better future for our country through hard work. I recently attended a meeting with Congresswoman Matsui. Congresswoman Matsui pointed out that America’s future lies in the prosperity of its small business. It is truly unfortunate to witness “Occupy” movements hurt the small businesses where the protestors are camping out as in “Occupy Oakland”. How did the protestors in Oakland miss the fact that they were hurting business owners and therefore hurting their cause?

Without knowing I participated in the “Occupy Xmas”, “24 hour Moratorium on Consumer Spending” both the North America date of November 25th and the International date of November 26th. I thought it was a good idea to have the “Buy Nothing Day” just to give people a moment to think about their spending. Consumer spending should be reduced as it is creating a lot of unnecessary credit card debt which will not be fully paid as some people will default on the repayment of their credit cards and result in higher credit card rates for the rest of us that don’t default.

Not only does the greed in America need to end but also the sense of entitlement to a certain way of life filled with materials goods beyond a person’s means. “Keeping Up With The Joneses” has gotten all of us into this trouble. Hopefully, America will get back on its feet in time. I am part of the 99% and I choose to work toward a better tomorrow by supporting my local businesses and raising my children to continuously educate themselves, work hard and hold themselves accountable for their lives.

Had to show off the turkey from Thanksgiving, hope you all had a nice holiday.

Health Tip… One of the Worst Make-Up Related Habits
Clean your face carefully at the end of the day. Always make sure you wash your face before you go to bed to remove makeup, dirt and other environmental debris. Why? (1) Your pores are filled with all the outside elements from the day like dirt, dust, smoke, smog, etc. Can you imagine how your skin suffocates under this “coat”? (2) Leaving your makeup on too long can lead to large pores, acne, rashes, and irritated skin. Your skin repairs itself at night and clean skin can absorb skincare products better.

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