Thursday, November 17, 2011

The “Apple” of the Anti-Aging Companies

This summer, people other than those interested in anti-aging and nutritional products, began to notice how well NS has been doing financially. The Motley Fool ( is a multimedia financial-services company that provides financial solutions for investors through various stock, investing, and personal finance products. From my first tour of the NS laboratories, I thought the scientists who work there were visionaries, but this fantastic comment really validates their success.

“Look at the products, the number of baby boomers, the emphasis on looking young while enjoying great health, and the amount of money spent to appear and feel our youthful best. This company has found a successful niche and is coming out with new products each year. This is the “Apple” of the anti-aging companies.”

Just like how Steve Jobs changed the way to think of technology and how to use it in our lives, I truly believe Joe Chang, Ph. D., author of “The Aging Myth” and Chief Scientific Officer of Nu Skin Enterprises who discovered in collaboration with LifeGen Technologies, it was a cluster of genes NOT a single gene responsible for aging has and will continue to change the way we as a population will think of aging.

Another quote from the article “More importantly, I like the company’s three straight years of record-breaking revenue in the anti-aging industry, which NS believes will hit $1 Trillion as a huge percentage of the global population ages. I’m definitely adding Nu Skin to My Watch list” – Cool huh? I guess they noticed their stock on the New York Stock Exchange went from $7 per share in 2010 to the $47 per share of today. How many other companies are doing that well in this economy?

Health Tip: Keep it Real
A simple way to improve your health is to pass on the prepackaged food goods. I understand that time is short for most of us in our day but meals made from unprocessed ingredients really can be simple to prepare. Our grocery stores even offer pre-cut vegetables and pre-made salads; just watch the pre-made dressing intake…a little can go a long way. Grill lean meat or fish, add some rice or pasta and there you go, a “real meal”! You will feel lighter in mind and body as well as increase your energy levels when you omit the preservatives from your diet. Snacks are simple too with a handful of toasted nuts, which you can now find in handy 200-calorie packs so you don’t even have to get out the snack baggies. Keep it real; your body will love you for it!

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