Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Skin and Stiffness!

Ho ho ho, Happy Holidays! I don’t know about you but I have received multiple invitations for the same date and the same time. I always hate to miss a party. However, worse than missing a party is feeling tired and not looking my very best for the party I am attending! Winter wind and cold are wrecking havoc on my skin and my body. I want to feel the flexibility of warmth in my body and the glow of a fire on my face. With these thoughts I realized I am probably dehydrated! I love a cup of hot coffee or black tea but they can be dehydrating. Put those two together with the icy winds whipping every molecule of moisture out of our atmosphere and “ta-da” you have dehydration! I haven’t even mentioned all the cocktails and glasses of wine that contribute to dehydration. Quickly, I responded by drinking hot GREEN tea and taking an extra step in my beauty regime to add a layer of hydrating moisturizer to my skin. Wow, what a difference those 2 things have made for how I feel and how I look. When you are properly hydrated you are able to maintain your energy level all day. Green tea has the added bonus of delivering critical antioxidants that protect you from colds and flus as well. Not only should you take your multivitamins (learn more about my favorite vitamins) now but add nutrient rich vegetables or cups of green tea to your daily intake.

Please do not drink the energy drinks to boost your holiday spirits. Energy drinks contain ingredients that have had many published health warnings. If you are interested in receiving those warnings, I would be happy to send you some information, just shoot me an email, Think about energy at a cellular level. Really it all starts in our cells and what we give them…like our cars and the fuel we put in them to run efficiently. Without my daily Vitality, I’d be sound asleep and stiff as an old horse at my desk by 3:00pm!

Health Tip…Winter Skin Nourishment:
Start your day with a banana then have an apple as a snack. If you can have a vegetable based soup at lunch you are a super star! I don’t care if you pair it with French fries, probably not the best choice but, hey, it is the holiday season. Be sure to drink lots of water or green – black – tea because it will warm your insides and keep you well and hydrated. After all these good things you have put in your body will make you feel righteous at the holiday cocktail party as you enjoy your wine, cocktails and appetizers. To finish off your righteousness, after cleansing and toning, be sure to apply an anti-aging serum followed by a night cream. You will find these steps to be time and money well spent! (Remember, I can get you a 30% discount on all the products I mention on my blog)

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