Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 Days Until Christmas –Really

Here we are 10 days until Christmas!  Should be super exciting, right?  Well, I am a little freaked out because I haven’t finished my shopping and I am thinking about all the wrapping I will need to do once the shopping is complete!  On top of that in the back of my mind, I have all these cookies and sweet treats I’d like to make.  Oh, and lets not forget about the holiday cards yet to be sent and the customer appreciation gifts I need to mail once I receive what I have ordered to give my customers.  Maybe everyone would rather have New Year’s cards and gifts?  Here is my answer to that:

If you think you can’t then you will be like all the ordinary reindeer and you won’t be able to fly! Believe in the impossible.

Ok, after reading that quote I just took a long, deep breath.  Did you?  Sometimes I make big lists of things for myself to do because I think it will make the holidays SO special for my children, their significant others, my spouse, family members, friends that stop by…pretty much the entire county I live in…just in case.  Every year I hope for world peace.  This year I will hope for inner “holiday” peace for myself.  I think this is a great idea because my inner peace will pass through me to everyone I come in contact with during the holidays.

Health Tip:  Gift Yourself!

Give yourself a gift this year by reminding yourself that all the holiday magic is in your heart.  If you are too busy with details you cannot hear your heart.  Take some time to evaluate what is really important on your holiday list of things to do.  Scratch out the ones that would be nice but not necessary.  By simplifying your list you leave room in your brain to hear your heart.  You and your loved ones will enjoy a more meaningful and enjoyable holiday.  Peace be with you!

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