Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Tradition - The Dice Game

Guest Posting – Julie’s Assistant Joy

For most Christmas’ while I was growing up, my family would get bundled up and drive from Southern Minnesota to Fargo, North Dakota for Christmas. The Holiday was filled with both sides of my entire family, amazing food, a children’s Christmas program (when we were really little), and lots of laughs and memories. During this event, about 5 years ago we began a tradition that I’d like to share with you for this Holiday season. Traditions are what we all look forward to at the holidays so I hope you enjoy reading about my favorite one.

To me, the holiday is not about the gifts and this is a great alternative to the gift exchange within families and creates a perfect holiday tradition you will remember long past any gift you receive.

The Dice Game – Joy’s Family Tradition
You can buy, or find in your home, interesting and cheap/free things to wrap up that are suitable for the various ages of who will be participating. This year I went to a few retailers and got things like cute recipe cards, magnets, and my husband ordered a few “guy” toys online. Each family brings about 10 items (in my case that is 50 gifts for about 15 people playing) wrapped and placed under a separate tree from the rest of the presents.  Start the Christmas music, grab a drink (hot cocoa is always fun) and  2 dice. Each person shakes the dice and when you get doubles you pick out a gift from the pile and open it.  When all the gifts have been opened, then doubles mean you get to steal a gift from someone else’s pile! This is where is gets interesting….you never know what will be the gift that EVERYONE seems to want. Then about every few minutes (someone keeps track) you stop the game and get to keep one of the gifts in the pile in front of you by placing the gift behind you. Once time is up – everyone has received a few cute small gifts and had many laughs while playing.

(Hint for an extra surprise: My mom once rolled a $5 bill into a toilet paper roll. No one knew it was there and didn’t want toilet paper! Now we check everywhere within the gift for surprises!)

My husband and I are flying to Fargo for Christmas this year and I have been looking for “Dice Game” gifts for months! Let us know if you tried out this game this Holiday and tell me what you think!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Health Tip:  Dicey Health –Dicey Life (by Julie)
This is the time of year when we all begin to make resolutions for the impending year to come.  Think carefully about how you have felt, health wise, all year and right now.  Do you have as much energy as you like?  Do you like the way you look?  Write down all the things you eat and drink in an average week each year.  Write down how often and for how long you exercise in an average week over the past year. I believe we all have a pretty good idea of what we should be doing for our health. Write down one change you can make on a daily basis in your diet, substituting one unhealthy food/beverage for a healthier food/beverage.  Write down one change for the better you can make in your weekly exercise regime.   Next, you have to tell someone your plan.  You need to have accountability for success – we all do!  For example, I know a woman that gave up dessert after dinner for 1 year and lost 10 pounds by the end of the year!  One simple change made her feel better and her clothes fit better.  Don’t make dramatic resolutions because those are hard, if not impossible to keep.  Start with baby steps.  You will feel better about yourself and feel like you are taking control of your health and consequently, your life.  If you need support, seek out the help of a professional to get started.  Don’t leave your wellness to fate like a roll of the dice.  Resolve to take charge one tiny step at a time.

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