Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Year Give the Gift of a Personalized Beauty Basket…12 Days Until Christmas!

If you are like me you probably have a small collection of baskets, boxes and tins stored in a cabinet or on a shelf in your garage. Here’s an easy way to use that basket for a fun and different themed holiday gift. How fun is this?

Instead of a pre-made gift basket, dress up your own container, add items selected just for your recipient then wrap in clear cellophane. Pick out their favorite beauty magazine, throw in any of these delightful items: NS’s Herbal Mineral Bath for hydration while soaking in the tub, Exfoliant Scrub to remove rough, dry skin to smooth the face, Lip Gloss that plumps lips or Lip Balm (with sunscreen), and a cute headband – wrap in cellophane (found in any gift supply store) and tie together with a pretty ribbon tied in a bow with an ornament or jingle bell and you have a personalized gift. Add a handmade card if you are really crafty and want to make it really special. Please contact me very soon for your gift basket/stocking stuffer needs to get a 30% discount.

Health Tip: Winter Sun Protection
Enhance your sun protection with the right foods. “In general, fruits and vegetables are foods high in antioxidants and help us fight free radicals and sun damage, while foods such as meat, dairy products, simple carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods cause inflammation and can contribute to making sun damage worse,” according to leading dermatologists.
Foods like leafy greens, peppers, squash, watermelon, blueberries and tomatoes that are rich in vitamin C and the antioxidants, carotenoids and lycopenes can help prevent sun damage.
Don’t forget to apply a sunscreen even in the winter. NS’s tinted moisturizers with sunscreen provide light coverage and protection from the sun. NS’s Body Block with SPF 30 are good for both face and body with the added benefit of being water resistant, a very important detail in sun protection.

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