Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It’s Spring Time! Weight Loss Challenger Update

Happy April to all!  I, for one, am glad Spring has arrived.  My weight loss challengers are doing well and feeling great.  Here’s how Renee is doing:

Total weight lost in 2 months:  12 pounds!
Total inches lost:  5 ¼ inches

Renee feels great, more energized.  Her clothes fit better.  Renee feels so encouraged at her results.  Renee has been able to increase her daily exercise which will help Renee to continue to reshape and revitalize.  Way to go Renee!!!! Click here to see her before pictures and learn more about the weight loss challenge.

We have a NEW Weight Loss Challenger:  Brendan

Brendan is a 6’ 3”, 28 year old with a starting weight of 378.  Brendan’s goal is to lose 100 lbs.  Brendan is super excited and is enjoying the weight loss program so far.  Brendan has tried many other weight loss programs only to regain the weight.  Stay tuned for Brendan’s results and pictures. 

We will update you on Wendy and Joey at a later time, please stay tuned!

Health Tip: Vegetables, Raw or Cooked, That Is the Question

I love raw vegetables for their antioxidants, fiber, and their ability to help maintain weight.  However, there are some excellent reasons for eating them cooked…in butter.  If you love butter, you’ll love what cooking veggies in butter does for your body.
Dr. Weston A. Price’s Take On Vegetables

A good rule of thumb when considering the best way to consume your veggies is to remember the letter that Dr. Weston A. Price wrote to his nieces and nephews in 1934.   In this letter, he strongly urged them to eat their vegetables cooked in butter. (Who knew, right?)  His research found that the bulkiness (fiber) of raw vegetables interfered with the human body’s ability to extract minerals from them via the digestive process.
So, should you drink your veggies raw?   Of course.   Fresh juice from veggies that are safe to consume raw is a wonderful way to get a fast infusion of easy to digest, colloidal minerals.    It is also highly alkalizing to the body and a proven way to gently detox the gut.
The great thing about veggie juice is that the fiber is removed, which is the “bulkiness” that Dr. Price found interfered with the mineral absorption.
However, if you are going to eat the fibrous portion of the vegetable, it is best to cook them in butter as advised by Dr. Price to enhance the availability of the minerals.    The fat in the butter permits greater absorption of the minerals, and besides, buttered veggies taste fantastic!

Think Raw Veggies are Best? Think Again
Visit this website on how best to maximize the benefits of vegetables.  Remember that the antioxidants in vegetables are what helps us fight disease and aging. 

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