Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anti-Aging Skin Care: What Is Right For You?

All of us have a one time or another, have fantasized about the one product that does it all…cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hydrate, protect, and reverse the signs of aging.  Some of us are looking for simplicity, the fewer the products the better even if they don’t address every skin care concern.  Then there are those of us determined to leave no anti-aging stone unturned and think nothing of layering multiple products morning and night.

I am one of the latter, with an arsenal of anti-aging skin care products.  It works for me because people mistake me for a sister to my daughters; aged 19-25 and I have never had an invasive surgery, treatment and never an injectible.  My husband teases me at night saying I have to start my “57 Steps” before I can go to bed.  Now I don’t have 57 steps even when you include flossing, brushing and use a water pik on my teeth.  However, I have fair skin and when I was in high school we used either baby oil or cocoa butter when we literally “baked” in the sun for the perfect tan.  At 45 I had age spots popping up, noticeable wrinkles, loss of tone and brightness and an overall thinning of my skin.  I had to take action! 

After having spent many $ with no results I finally found a system that actually targets the sources of aging with a combination of skin care products to reverse the sun damage as well as nutritional supplements that while they help anti-age my body they anti-age my skin from the inside out.  I have found my perfect blend of products to compliment my micro current system.  You may not a person to spend a lot of time reversing sun damage.  It might not be important.  Everyone has his or her priorities.  If you are looking for a simple skin care regimen it is possible to find products that really work-- just make sure you work with someone to find the right combination of products which will best help you.

Question:  What do you use to ease the pain, prevent blistering and heal sunburn?

My most successful way to treat a sunburn is with tea.  For a whole body sunburn, I suggest soaking in a bathtub of lukewarm tea.  I like to use the Lipton Cold Brew tea bags.  You can also dip a washcloth in a bowl of tea and place on face and neck for the “skiers” sunburn.  The cool water helps reduce the temperature of the skin and reduce the amount of inflammation of the burned skin.

Health Tip:  Summer Proof Your Look –Hydrating Mist
Stash a spray bottle filled with a hydrating mist in your bag to help keep you cool the entire day.
You can make your own using this recipe:  Mix orange and lemon peels in a bowl, pour 750 ml of boiling water on the peels to extract essence (make sure you have enough boiling water to submerge peels). Cover and leave the mixture to rest overnight, strain the following day, and add Vitamin E oil from two capsules (extract the oil from the capsules by piercing the capsule with a sterilized needle), transfer to a purse-sized spray bottle and spritz it on your face, nape, neck and chest when the heat becomes unbearable, fan yourself immediately after for a refreshing feeling. You can also keep your face mist in the fridge until you need it for maximum cooling effect.  If that seems like too much trouble for under $10 I can get a big bottle of my favorite hydrating mist because it actually draws moisture to your skin and hair (I love this when traveling) and you can get a small mister bottle for your purse.

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