Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Into Clean! Organize, Declutter, and Detox Any Space.

Spring Into Clean!  Organize, Declutter, and Detox  Any Space. – By Julie and Joy

To help a friend raise funds for the Albie Aware Foundation, an organization helping women with little or no health insurance get the insurance necessary for mammograms and, if necessary, treatment for breast cancer- I cleaned out my closet.  She was having a “gently-used clothing drive” where California Clothing Recyclers,, pays the organization per pound for donated items.  My friend is battling breast cancer for the second time and the Albie Aware Foundation provides such excellent help to women in my community that I HAD to donate.  At first it seemed like such a daunting task.  My assistant, Joy, gave me her tips so I’d like to share them with you because it made the task so much easier!

5 Steps to Organizing any Space!
1.  Take everything out of the area (closet, drawer, garage, desk, cabinet, etc)
2. Create 3 piles: Keep, Donate, Throw (hopefully they should be about equal amounts in each pile.
3.  Vacuum, dust, wash, the area before putting anything back. Why put your stuff back into a dusty/dirty area?
4.  As you start to put your “keepers back” into the area, put items you will use more frequently in easily reachable/accessible part of the room.
5.  Want to make it easy to stay organized?  Use cloth or plastic bins* to keep like items together in a neat and tidy spot.  Use a label maker to clearly label each bin will provide an instant way to keep you organized in the future!  *Bins can be found at Target or any home goods store.
Happy organizing! 

Health (Sanity) Tip: Keep Great Ideas Organized on Pinterest!
I know I was a little late to get on the bandwagon of Pinterest, but now I am LOVING how I can show off my favorite products, find great ideas for future crafts, organizing ideas, items I may want to buy, and SO much more! In keeping with the organizing theme, GONE are the days of clipping out magazine pages to lose once you want to find the idea! Check out my new Pinterest page and let’s share great ideas!

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