Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Project: Pumpkin Art!

In the fall, everyone schedule is so busy with school activities, sports and events so its tough to find time to decorate and have fun with holidays. Here is our solution to Halloween pumpkins without the mess and time commitment. Due to the popular response to our Perfect Summer Banner, we thought when we saw on Pinterest all the fun and adorable pumpkins we just had to have a fun craft day and share with you our fun.

Julie decided to go with the "Pumpkins in Costumes" idea. After going through her costumes we have a Bandido, classic Witch, and Sheriff. :)

 Julie found these FANTASTIC character mustaches to aid in our pumpkins. Check out her awesome sharpie skills.

 We decided a stick found in the yard would be the perfect EVIL looking nose. The feathers just make this witch complete.
 Finding the sombrero led to this Bandido. Complete with gold earrings and tooth. (Don't you just love the mustache?)
The Sheriff hat and the "hogen" stache' led to this guy. Hopefully he can keep the Bandido at bay. ;)

Joy's decided to go for more the decorative route. She LOVED the pinterest projects and just had to try a few different methods for her pumpkins.

 Joy started by straying some of hers with Copper and Gold metallic stray. 
 Joy thought that black glitter fit really well with the copper and it turned out great! Stray adhesive worked really well - how Halloween!
 This tiny pumpkin seemed perfect when we found the glitter glue! So simple and easy and it added so much to this small pumpkin.
 Joy loved this gray pumpkin and wanted to showcase part of it. We found a wonderful way to finish this pumpkin (see below for the finishing touches).
 Who doesn't love a good decoupage. Joy found the leopard tissue paper and couldn't wait to use it. Use a 50/50 split of Elmer's glue and water. Paint on pumpkin first. Press paper down and paint over it again.  Below is all of Joy's finished pumpkins.

                              Group Shot of our pumpkins! Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!

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