Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 Ideas of Time Management for Anti-Aging....No Excuses!

I know what some of you are thinking... "I have no time to do all the steps for anti-aging" or  "Who has time for all those steps?"

Well here are some easy ideas to multitask those beauty steps. Try one, try them all, and please feel free to let us know your beauty multitasking genius ideas.

1. Do your Mud Mask while doing one of the following:
  • vacuuming
  • shaving your legs
  • folding laundry
  • taking a bath
  • picking up the house
2. Soak your feet while doing a clay mask/hydrating mask/mud mask/polishing peel

3. Use your Body Brush (for exfoliation) while waiting for the shower to heat up.

4. Do a Polishing Peel while flossing (the peel doesn't harden like the other masks)

5. While soaking your feet, put the hydating mask on your hands with the cloth gloves.

6. Check your email while waiting for TruFace Peals to soak in before using your moisturizer.

7. Use your Galvanic while talking on the phone (speaker on) or while picking up the house (you only really need one hand) or, my favorite, while watching a webinar.

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