Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Potato Test: The Results of our Serum Test

We decided to do a little home experiment to see how a basic serum - one for skin at any age - helps your face fight off free radicals - the agers of our skin!

 After 15 minutes the left side (with no serum) is showing its exposure to air.
Closer view of the 15 minute no coverage side of our Russet potato.

Below are the potato halves after 1 hour of air exposure. See how the side with the fluid is still bright, and almost unaffected, while the side without is noticeably showing discoloration.   

To the Right, a closer look at the 1 hr half. Below, a closer look at the 1 hr half.

                              Here is the 2 hour look at these halves. What a dramatic difference!

And our last set of pictures at a 4 FULL HOURS!

 Above, hardly affected in its 4 hours with the serum protecting it by scavenging free radicals so there is less oxidation on the treated half. Below, umm...a bit gross with the discolorations and graying of this untreated half.
This is the side by side view of the 4 hours of exposure. So here is what was going on in these 4 hours. As the untreated half of the potato is exposed to the air, it starts to oxidize. We use Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid because of its powerful antioxidant hydroxytyrosol. Our skin oxidizes in a similar way in response to free radicals - causing many of the common things to do with skin-aging free radical damage.

Cellular Oxidation is a source of skin aging. Research has shown that the nutrients, especially hydroxytyrosol, found in extra virgin olive oil can be effective in relieving oxidative stress on cells.

It is my opinion, this is the prefect start of the anti-aging process. Starting in your 20s with something that can protect the skin from oxidation and free radicals can be the perfect way to prevent or prolong the aging process that seems to be inevitable for us all! We have more powerful serums for the more mature skins.

Health Tip: Three Ways To Be Skin Savvy For Glowing, Beautiful Skin At Any Age

One of the most important things you can do for the health of your skin is read the ingredients on any products before you buy them.   Your skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with so make sure the skin care products you buy will promote an ageless complexion.    
1.  At any age it is wise to add a serum that combats environmental toxins as well as provide key nutrients to combat any damage that you may or may not see for a youthful glow at every age.  
2.  Don’t think if you purchase the most expensive products you are guaranteed to get the best results either.   
3. Get samples or ask for a demonstration and evaluate the results after at least 24 hours.

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