Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Make the Perfect Summer Banner

We bought quilting squares - 5 for $5.59 (on sale) each square makes 2 double sided triangles for 10 triangles per bundle.
Make a Triangle pattern out of a manilla folder - ours is 8 1/4 inches across and 10.5 inches long from tip to the center of the top.
Trace the pattern using a marker and cut it out using a fabric scissor. We enjoyed using a zig zag scissor. (This works MUCH quicker with the help of an assistant)
The fabric comes a little wrinkled so we starched and ironed the triangles which worked really well.
If you can see, we marked the middle of our Piping cord (which we recommend using) and started in the middle of our cord. In order to not have the fabric pieces shifting on the line, to use fabric glue to glue the piping cord along the crease.

Then glue along the sides of the triangle and fold over the top triangle to the bottom half.
Here is how it turned out for our PJ/Spa Party! Click here to see our entire Spa Party facebook album on my page!

Here is the Finished product for our party! Click here to see the recap of our spa party!

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