Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gotta Love a Spa Night!

 On Friday, Joy and I threw our 1st Spa/PJ Party! It was so much fun to invite some friends over for a teenage style spa night with food, facials, food soaks, and a cocktail (or two). Required: FUN and PJ pants!
 Joy and I made this great summer banner (how to blog coming this week) from Pinterest! We love it and I will keep it up all summer! We had fun foods like high heeled shoe sugar cookies, chocolate fondue, white bean dip, spa water, and a fun cocktail (another thing we found on Pinterest).
 Who doesn't like relaxing their feet in warm water with Epson salt! After the soak we have amazing products to really keep your feet soft.
 Joy and I with facials on! So fun for us to have everyone over! To see more fun photos, check out our Facebook album!
 Jill and Wendy were so silly and fun! Who says adults can't have fun like teenagers? These ladies took our PJ theme to the end, rollers, PJ "outfits", and the occasional split personality ;)

Thank you for those of you that joined us for the party! It was such a fun night to share with these amazing ladies!

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