Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Nu You Sweeps Week Winners Are Announced!

We love the buzz coming from Sweeps Week! Thank you to all those who participated! Please let me know if I can help get any the products listed at a 30% discount. No need to hold off telling you any more..... who WON!

Prize #1   Body Botanicals : A body care package which includes: Body Butter to quench thirsty winter skin, Sole Solutions for sandal-ready feet, and a Mud Mask to reveal softer, smoother skin.

AND THE WINNER IS…….Sue Lussenden

Prize #2    Anti-Aging Nutrition: A one month supply of my favorite supplements and Vitality for anti-aging on the inside and the “beauty beverage”, g3- Savoring this “fruit from heaven,” indigenous people have long believed this ceremonial fruit promotes health and wellness.

AND THE WINNER IS…… Lynell Klauschie

Prize #3     Beauty Boost: Transformation Premium Package which includes:  Gentle Cleanse & Tone,  Future Serum,  Radiant Day SPF 22, and  Transforming Night, targeting the sources of aging for a more youthful looking you – 8 ways in 7 days


Congratulations to our winners! Enjoy your prize!

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