Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anti-Aging Face Creams, Serums, and Cleansers….Oh My!

Everyone always says it is the beauty on the inside that really counts- and I believe that to be true. Actually, beauty does begin on the inside physically and mentally. With proper nutrition and plenty of sleep your skin will glow and a bright, positive attitude will help your eyes sparkle. Those combined, are a 1-2-3 punch against aging. Do not overlook the impact of the products you put on your skin as they can provide solutions for a tired, dry, dull, wrinkled appearance. Why not do yourself a favor by investing in the best anti-aging skin products out there in order to maintain your confident and youthful appearance? Doing everything for everyone (husband, boss, kids, family) takes a toll on your skin. Wouldn’t you like to maintain younger and refreshed skin that naturally oozes confidence just like your personality?

The  Transformation Premium Package is the most powerful anti-aging skin care regimen that reveals younger looking skin 8 ways in 7 days for a more youthful, healthier looking you, now and in the future. “There’s nothing you can do about your DNA, but you can influence the way it functions by changing your lifestyle,” says Ajay Goel, director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention at Baylor Research Institute. (Quote from Women’s Health Magazine – “Outsmart your DNA Destiny”)

Anne (not pictured above) used the entire Transformation Kit for 90 days to get these results!Click here to see results!
Step 1 – To Cleanse and Tone with  Gentle Cleanse and Tone
Step 2- Serum with Future Serum
Step 3- To Moisturize with either Radiant Day SPF22 in the morning or Transformation Night in the evening.

Aging signs include wrinkles, spots, dark patches, fine lines, and crow’s feet. Aging can also make the appearance of our skin dull, dry, or overall that “sad” look. As we age our skin gets thinner and therefore the wrinkles set in. Using a powerful serum like a Future Serum can stimulate youthful cell renewal and collagen production by 85% in only 5 days and 150% over time. People testing the Future Serum for 12 weeks visibly noticed improved youthful skin structure, skin smoothness, even skin tone, reduced fine lines/wrinkles, brighter skin, smaller pore size, fewer (and reduced looking) skin discoloration, and overall improved hydration in their skin. By using the entire Transformation Premium Package, you are having the products rework the cell production in your face the entire day and prevent future damage while you do all the things you need to accomplish in any given day.

Why not age with grace, beauty on the inside, and naturally radiance skin on the outside??? Let me help you uncover a younger, a “Nu” you this Spring with a preferred customer price of $287 for the entire Transformation Kit or for just the award winning Future Serum $157.

Health Tip: A Naturally Clean Kitchen Free of Germs, Grime and Toxic Chemicals
For instant glass, counter top and appliance cleaner, fill a spray bottle with ½ water and ½ white vinegar and add a few drops of essential citrus oil. Citrus oils such as lemon, lime and orange are natural degreasers for that great shine and smell in your kitchen.

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