Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why DO we Get Wrinkles???

Ever wonder why as we age, we seem to HAVE to get wrinkles?  Hopefully your life has been filled with many reasons to smile and laugh but they contribute to...Mechanical Aging.

Here are our wet sponges. It mirrors young thick skin. We added the rubber bands to mimic the repetitive usage of our facial muscles which over time can create fine lines and wrinkles as we age.

As we age, our skin starts to dry out and thin. After our sponges dried, we took off the rubber bands to reveal what happens to our skin with repeated movement of facial muscles.

Mechanical aging is the repeated movements that we do with our facial muscles: squinting, smiling, puckering, etc. Just like the sponge, when our skin is new, it easily goes back into the shape we want. But as we age, our facial expressions get “stuck” and our skin does not want to go back to its original position. Adding moisture to our skin can deter wrinkles and skin aging just like adding water to the sponge gets rid of the crease. We are not going to stop smiling (we hope!), squinting, and laughing so it may be necessary to apply additional treatment product to prevent and correct wrinkles caused by mechanical aging. (explanation credit by NuSkin) (photos: by us!)

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