Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lifepak Nano Vitamins – Increase Your Annual Take Home Pay…Stay Well!

After Tuesday’s introduction to the Super Charge Your Life Challenges I thought I would explain the program and the product that all the Antioxidant Challengers are on – these supplements. This challenge is part of a “Health and Wellness” program at a local business. Businesses across America lose thousands of dollars a year due to employee illness. Being sick and missing work costs the employees as well. As employers tighten their budgets, “paid” sick days are becoming obsolete. Our Antioxidant Challengers work for a local employer who has implemented a health and wellness program to not only increase profits but help his employees improve their health for happier lives. As a NS Distributor, I receive training webinars teaching us more about the products we sell. This webinar is all about my awesome supplements and if you have 40 minutes to spare I highly recommended listening to the science proven results of the product. 

Just a few pieces I really think you should listen to:
9:00 in – What the supplements all contain
20-22:00 – How your “score” increases over time
35:00 – instructions on how to take the vitamins

If you do not have 40 minutes here is a bullet summary of just the basic pieces of information provided by the company.
• For those 18 yrs and older
• Enhanced molecular delivery anti-aging program
• No one gets 100% of RDA nutrients from diet alone
• Free radicals = bi-products/toxins which you can fix with antioxidants
• “The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live” – Dr. Richard Cutler, National Health Institute
• L.N has 60+ antioxidants
• L.N antioxidants are equivalent to “those found in 5-10 fruits and vegetables a day”
• “nano” means 1 billionth of a meter
• The technology is the manipulation of nutrients at the molecular level to enhance their benefits to the body
• Nano encapsulated nutrients do not cling together
a better delivery system
• Easier to absorb then normal fat-soluble nutrients, 5 fold increase in absorption
• Recommended to take twice a day with a meal that includes some fat for better absorption
• LN provides nutritional support for all body systems and organs:
o Eye health
o Brain health
o Skin health
o Cardiovascular health
o Network antioxidant defense
o Immune system health
o Bone health
o Nutrition/metabolism
o DNA protection
• Slows the aging process at the body’s most basic level – the cellular level
• Results from survey: more energy, sick less, better sleep

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