Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Interview with the Company I LOVE

I was honored with being asked to be interviewed about my business through Nu Skin a couple of weeks ago. Here is the link for the 30 minute interview, however if you don’t have time to listen to all of that I have listed below some bullet points from my interview.

• I was top earner for North and South America for the first week of October. “We are fortunate to have people like Julie who are setting their goals high, taking action, and repeating that process.” – Thanks Nick!
•As I listed in my last blog, my health scare led me to read about nutrition, and eventually try and have results with Anti-Aging/Nutrition products (I used/currently use these products) I feel like I am in my 30s again!
•Maintain your drive and tenacity, never, ever give up on your goals
•My advice is to “Become famous in your own backyard” -know as many people as you can. Have the mentality of “Here I am”
•You can learn about my childhood and my former life on the farm
•This is a business you can run from anywhere and a company to be proud of their integrity
•It is all about the follow-up, making sure your clients and team members are happy and have what they need to reach their goals
•Keep a positive outlook and attitude, it creates momentum as a positive force and people want to work and talk with you
I just want to thank all of those who helped me win this distinction as top earner, and I look forward to continue helping you in any way I can.

Today’s Health Tip:
The Bittersweet Truth about Artificial Sweeteners…the 15 Calories of Sugar is Worth It!
Artificial sweeteners can lead to weight gain and obesity. In 2008, a study published in “Behavioral Neuroscience” linked consumption of no-calorie sweeteners with increasing difficulty controlling calorie intake and maintaining a healthy weight. The hypothesis is this; eating artificial sugar has this effect because the sweetness, sweeter than regular sugar, tells the brain that it is about to take in a large quantity of calories. This prompts the digestive and ingestive reflexes to prepare for that large intake, but the system becomes confused when the calories don’t arrive. This confusion can lead the body to use less energy and crave more calories than normal. There is increased evidence that people who consume more artificially sweetened drinks are more likely to be obese and have metabolic syndrome. www.livestrong.com What’s the best choice for sweetening? Replace your refined white sugar with “Coconut Sugar Crystals”. Each is 15 calories a teaspoon but coconut sugar crystals are a Low Glycemic Index” food. A low “Glycemic Index” food will cause a small rise in blood glucose level, while a high “Glycemic Index” food will trigger a dramatic spike. What goes up must come down! So that explains the “crash” experienced after a super sugary treat. www.natureblessings.com

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