Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power of NaPCa!

Have you ever wondered why you are supposed to use NaPCa with your anti-aging facials?   This amazing product brings 3 molecules of moisture for every molecule of NaPCa on your skin.  What is the biggest problem with aging skin?  Dryness!  I love this magic mist. It comes in especially handy when I travel because traveling robs your hair and skin of moisture.  So I mist everything;my face after I wash and tone - before my serum and moisturizer, my body before applying body lotion and to my hair and clothes to get rid of static.

Here was a little test to see if how well the NaPCa Moisture Mist holds the moisture compared to general water or oils.

First we sprayed the little mirror (on top) with a water spray bottle. The square mirror with the NaPCa Moisture Mist. Then we waited about 20 minutes.

First of all, this was a reminder of how hard it is to take pictures of mirrors. Ha! However, as you can see the mirror on the left still holds moisture while the water sprayed mirror now only has dried water spots.   

This demonstrates how humectants ( a substance used primarily to help retain moisture) such as NaPCa hold on to water in the formula, keeping it from evaporating. In this same way, these humectants bind to water present in the formula and hold it to your skin, so the water cannot dry and dissipate into the air. 

Here is the result of a second test on two different humectnats: the NaPCa and Mineral Oil. We placed a dried apricot in each of these jars. The one on the left was covered in NaPCa while the right jar was covered with Mineral Oil (also called Baby Oil). After a day's time the NaPCa Moisture Mist (which also includes  Hyaluronic Acid) has absorbed into the cellular structure and plumped the fruit to its original shape. Mineral Oil (which is found in many cosmetic products) does nothing to plump up the wrinkles in your face or the dried apricot.

Adequate moisturization is very important in skin care because it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin surface. NaPCa is a key humectant that is more effective than mineral oil-based products or water alone in establishing the safeguarding healthy moisture levels in your skin.

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