Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tissue Paper Ball Holiday Craft!

You could not help but find this craft all over Pinterest this year, and my assistant and I fell in love with the look of these for holiday decorations. My idea was wanted to hang something fun and whimsical in my entryway before my holiday parties this year.

Here is how we arranged our different sized tissue paper hangings:

Start with 20X30 sheets of tissue paper. We found various versions with 6,8, or 10 tissue sheets stacked together. We found that 6 works best - 8 is just too thick.  We also tried varied versions of thickness of the accordion folding: but 1.5 inches works best for us :)

We aren't perfect at folding, you might not be either. Just cut off the extra on both ends and the side until everything is square. Measure the middle of the stack for the next step.
 We used florist wire to hold the pile together, Pinterest said you could also use a twist tie to hold the middle of the pile.
 Before you start the unfolding process, add the ribbon/string/fishing string so you can hang this beauty when finished.
 Layout the stack on its side and start by pulling up the top tissue paper.
 Since we used 6 sheets on this tissue ball, I pulled 3 sheets "up" and 3 sheets "down"  being able to adjust at the end.
 Before any pulling of the sheets you can cut the edges of the stack in a rounded or pointed edges. We preferred not doing anything to the edges.
 Didn't this turn out well? My entryway is covered in sparkle and holiday cheer!

 The pink ball is 18 inches in diameter, the blue is 15 inches in diameter. These pointed-edged silver balls are 10 inches in diameter.
Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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