Thursday, September 6, 2012

7 Tips on Running A Home Based Business

1. Set up a scheduled time to work.
    By setting a scheduled time for work on your business, friends and family understand you are unable to chat or answer questions that could wait for another time. This keeps you focused on the tasks you need to complete to ensure your business's success.

2. Designate a work space.
     It is best if you can occupy space in a room with doors that you can close when you need to make an important, uninterrupted phone call or creative thinking time. When doors are closed, family members are more likely to respect your work time and save their questions during family time.

3. Set Periodic Goals
     -Daily Goals
     -Weekly Goals
     -Monthly Goals
     -Yearly Goals
These all feed into the BIG Goals at the end of the year. Review your goals monthly, quarterly...whatever works for you because let's face it, life happens and your business is a living entity so it needs to adjust accordingly.

4. Attack your most difficult task at the very beginning of your work day.
     When we promise to return a call or follow up with a customer or potential customer sometimes the thought of that can create anxiety so we put it off until the end of the day. At the end of the day we are busy tying up loose ends so that phone call never gets made. Do it first and set up your entire day for success.

5. Distractions happen!
     The home/work balance is a delicate one that can be difficult to manage. Every morning or afternoon give yourself one hour to complete or at least begin the "housework" so you can spend the rest of your available time really focused on your business with a "clean" conscience.

6. Get Help aka Idea Bouncer
     Even if you are not in the position to hire an assistant or coach, you can elicit help from a trusted friend or find a mentor. Meeting weekly or monthly and setting goals together helps keep you accountable to yourself and your business. The input you receive will help keep you on track to reaching your goals.

7. Have Fun!!!
     If you aren't having fun, then why are you doing what you are doing? With so many choices in today's world, choose products and/or services you like, use.....and believe in. Their products and/or services will lead you to working with people you enjoy.

Overall Tip: 
     Do your research so you know your competition's business or the business of complimentary companies so you can work together.  Know when to say you don't know something a potential customer asks you, but that you find out and get back to them by a determined time and date.  This will actually impress upon your customer how genuine you are.  You don't want to be thought of as a fake!

For example: I am a NuSkin Distributor so I have done a lot of research to know skin care, anti-aging skin care, and nutrition leading to anti-aging. Sometimes I am faced with questions and have to get back to people with the answer on how to help them. When I do what and when I said I would, my customers are very appreciative and very loyal which makes my work very satisfying. 

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